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Addicted To Be Someone Else... - December 29th 2009, 06:12 AM

Ok never heard someone on this forum do this either but.
I'm adicted to twriling things, it's not ust that, its like I have this baton, I twirl it and eevrything dance with it.

But...when I do it I kind of play this make believe place, where I'm not myself at all I'm this beautiful amazing person (her name is dylan) and I thionk of her and everything alot.
I don't want to stop twirling becase I'd have to stop doing that.
Dylan is in my mind I usually think of her as my 'conciouse' because I picture her talking to me and everything, telling me stuff, bad or good.

I can't stop this. And if I stop it for a long period of time It kind of makes me jump and a litle anxiouse I think.

Whats wrong with me???