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Re: English 11 AP Grief - January 4th 2010, 04:10 AM


I took this course last year and the best advice I can give you to improve is to practice often! Too many times I slipped by activities by just doing what was required, and when I finally started doing more practice activities, more flash cards, and more online exercises, I felt more confident on those awful multiple choice exams and essays. Ask your teacher for more resources! Perhaps there is an online textbook on grammer with extra exercises, or some extra packets that differently explain things. Your teacher is your best resource.

I never would have made it through that class if I hadn't talked to my teacher every once in a while and asked for extra help. Doing all the extra work may seem tedious, but AP courses are pretty much all tedious and that's, oddly, why we sign up for them. Don't be discouraged, I believe things will start making sense too. I didn't feel great about AP english until about the 3rd quarter of my junior year. Now I am halfway through my senior year and taking senior AP enlgish and AP government and I'm doing great. Ask for the help and do all of the work and your hardwork will be rewarded!

Good luck!

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