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Re: Faced with an uncertain future... - January 4th 2010, 04:35 AM

OHHHHH wow. This sounds familiar.

One of my best friends is the daughter of a diplomat from Taiwan, and she's basically lived the double life, from here to there. She wanted to go to university in America and her family had no significant amount of money to offer her. She got a 2390 on SAT, she would have been national merit, did a bajillion activities blah blah and we all thought she was going to get into Harvard or Yale or at LEAST Columbia. It didn't happen. She didn't get in to harvard, yale, columbia, princeton, uchicago, etcetc and we were all really.. "worried" because the only "safeties" she applied for and was accepted into (how ridiculous this sounds now) were University of Virginia and Vanderbilt. UVA gave her nada, but Vandy gave her a full ride. Why? Because in some schools down south, "asian" people are actually (get this) an underrepresented minority.

Admissions are really unfair to international american type people from countries like asia and believe me it sucks ass. But, it's not like a brick wall. Apply to schools that aren't need blind, and who knows, you might get lucky. Apply to schools that are need blind, and apply to schools in the south. Basically, to me it looks like you're going to be a strong candidate... and college admissions are kind of a gamble, and since you're not loaded or american enough, you have to raise your chances by just applying to more schools.

And also, don't put your nose above schools that aren't in the new england superiority college bubble region, my friend really likes Vanderbilt and doesn't regret the fact that she.. uh basically had to go there.

You will be fine. Really, really, really. PM me if you need help with college stuff, it's a complicated can of worms.

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