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Thinking of starting a new organization on campus... - January 6th 2009, 02:32 AM

So, I've been thinking lately. My university is Methodist affiliated. Every religious event on campus is either Methodist or Non-denominational. Which is great.
But... Here's the irony... The university's Campus Minister is Catholic. As am I. Most of our student population is from a northern state, and it's a pretty good assumption to make that there are more Catholics on campus than Methodists.
That aside, I was thinking... Because of the presumably strong Catholic population, I want to start a Catholic Campus Ministry on campus.
There are several other religious organizations such as Campus Crusaders and service fraternities, but I haven't seen a CCM.
I considered some of the other organizations, but their beliefs aren't quite where mine are. And because of my strong Catholic faith and background, I think I might have a decent shot at getting a group started.

The problem is... I don't quite know where to start to get it going.
Anyone have any suggestions?