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Re: Doing well, but... - January 9th 2010, 02:53 PM

Originally Posted by emma01 View Post
Its good to hear you are coping well. If you keep trying hard, let's hope to get that number of bad thoughts about yourself down to 0!!!

I think its normal to enjoy weight loss, I enjoy losing weight and I enjoy not having to eat much. I can definately relate to you! I get pleasure from these bad habits, which I know is wrong.
But unfortunately I dont even know what to do about them. Its kind of hard because it is such a mental thing and you have to really try to dislike all these bad habits.

I think if you just try and not pick flaws in yourself, so dont stand infront of the mirror to pick flaws, and try not to think about how you look all the time. Also, when you eat, try and think happy and that might make your body associate eating with happiness. I'm really not sure what to advise here, sorry, but i just want to say your not the only one feeling like that, i know exactly how it is
Thank you. It is nice to know that someone can relate so well. I agree that it's harder because it's mental. Anyways, we'll work through it all, yeah?

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