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Re: lost love - January 22nd 2010, 06:42 AM

I know how it feels to discover that someone you thought was everything thinks of you as nothing. It's difficult, but you have to stay strong. He left you when you needed him most and perhaps it was too much for him. I'm not you, so I don't know everything about the situation, but despite whatever happened, you should respect that person's feelings and keep in mind that they're an entirely different individual and they simply don't desire the same things as you. That's what I told myself and it helped me immensely. Just know that there's someone out there who will want the same things as you and you can live your dreams together.

Killing yourself won't do anything except erase you from the face of the earth and that won't help anyone. You may think of it as an escape from the pain you're feeling, but it's an escape you can't return from. You have an entire life ahead of you. Use it to surround yourself with people that do care about you and do things that make you feel good. It may seem like the end of the world, but it isn't. Only you can control your feelings, so keep on reminding yourself that things will get better. You can PM me if you want to talk or anything. I'm all for it. Good luck.

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