Thread: Triggering (Suicide): Help please
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Re: Help please - January 22nd 2010, 06:57 AM

I think Courtney nailed it on the head with her response. As for your parents having to help you, do not hang your head in shame. There are several people out there who are going through hard times in this economic fault we are going through. That is why they are your family... They are there to help you when you need it.

Thought control is a great thing to learn how to do in tough times like this. Whenever you are going through these thoughts, do something that is both relaxing and good for yourself. I used to go for awesome walks in the park on a sunny day. Just me and my I-Pod (with up beat music.)

I really hope this helps you and my best wishes to you in this hard time in your life. Don't give up hope. The world is a better place with you here.