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Re: My boyfriends hair. - January 30th 2010, 03:50 PM

No don't straighten it, curly hair is far too much work to straighten plus it can easily look good without it.

He needs to buy some sort of frizz control shampoo and conditioner specially designed for curly hair. I use one by John Frieda and it really works well. Infusium 23 is also really good or La Coupe Perfect curls. None of these are that pricey and can be found at drug stores. The most important part is to get a leave in conditioner that controls frizz. I have used one by Pantene, one by Infusium 23 and both work well. You just squeeze a little bit in your hands and massage it through your hair and voila.

Curly hair is really easy to take care of, just wet it, put in leave conditioner and you are ready to go. It takes me a total of 5 minutes to do my hair in the morning and I have short, curly hair and am a girl.

Also another trick for curly hair: don't wash it everyday. Curly hair is dry and doesn't get greasy fast. Also the drier the hair, the more frizzy it gets. I normally only wash my hair once a week and no one can tell. I do wet it every morning to get my curls back though.

I hope this helps.