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Re: Body Worlds - January 30th 2010, 06:58 PM

We had an amazing time, it was so interesting for us both. We saw the Body Worlds 2 exhibit actually. But my friend I was with went to the first one and said it wasn't much different, just a little less material was shown this time around. And yes, we saw pregnant woman with the baby still inside them, and babies alone who were from different stages in the pregnancy. It was a very interesting ordeal. I learned alot and so did my friend. She thought the exhibit was controversial even this time around, since some of the bodies are cut open in awkward positions and displayed weirdly. But as said above, the bodies were donated to science and so I don't think it's wrong. I feel so more aware of my body now, haha. It scared me a bit too to be honest. But in a good way. I highly recommend this for anyone, and especially nursing/medical students.

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