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Re: Ideas for valentines day? - February 6th 2010, 07:24 PM

Something I planned with my boyfriend last weekend was for us both to Skype and pick a movie to watch at the same time.
That way we could talk about what happened as it happened and it was supposed to be kinda like we were together...
Didn't work out since he broke his mic a few hours before and for other reasons we had to stop the movie after about an hour, what we did manage before then was perfect and I really recommend it!
Good luck, I'm sure you'll have a great time no matter what happens!

The August sky will then bear witness
to a brand new chapter with torn out pages
when the planets align
I can feel the gates opening
to my courage
as I proceed to run my fingers through her hair
and forget everyone who's jaded
'cause they don't matter
and I don't care

We are the rainbow