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Hey there.I know that cutting may seem like a good option right now, it messes up a lot in the end. It starts as scratches. then cuts. they get deeper and deeper. Soon you are needing stitches and you don't even remember how you got to that point. I doubt i'm alone when I say that althought the blade takes the pain away for a moment, it worsens your depression in the end. I hate myself for how i've mutilated my body. this is an addictive behavior and it IS unbelievably hard to overcome. I just got out of the hospital and I STILL wanna cut. even though I know that doing it would land me right back in there. barely sleeping on the horribly uncomfortable hospital beds. I started a long time ago. a simple scrape with the scissors. its a horrible mess. stop it before it starts. only you have the power to control this. you can post a million bulletins and listen to a million stories like mine. but none of that can guarantee your safety. we love hearing things on here like "Today I resisted the urge to cut myself!" positive things along those lines. just don't forget about the power YOU have over YOU. I wish you the best of luck on this journey.

"No matter how bad something is hurting us... sometimes it hurts worse to let it go..."

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