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Re: please help!!!! - February 28th 2010, 01:32 AM

I can't see a professional I'm a broke college student. I do blame myself because I was confronted by social workers in school and I kept quiet and once I was called down to the office to talk to a social worker and police officer and they asked me specifically about this because they said they were tipped off by one of my other sisters. I denyed that anything happened and said that my sister was known for lying. I let my sister down. We are supposed to be there for our family, but I let her and the rest of my sisters and my family down.

I used to go on this site awhile back and I tried to get help then, but I was pretty much told by someone else that this was all my fault since I let it happen and nothing would happen if I went to the police because I didn't stop it from happening, that I basically encouraged it. I stopped coming here after that and now a couple years later I figured I would give it another shot.

I just feel like crap lately. I have a loving boyfriend who knows about this, but I know he doesn't like it when I talk or think about it so I stopped telling him about this and the whirlwind of emotions I'm going through right now. I know this hurts him and I don't want to do that and I was trying not to cut for him but everything got to be too much. I'm sorry, I caved yesterday and SH. I feel so stupid. I don't even know what's right from wrong anymore.