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Re: (lanuage)they hate me - March 6th 2010, 07:43 PM

Hey Brooke,

I'm sorry you are feeling like this. Stay strong, you deserve to get through this. In terms of how you deal with this, check out the Alternatives thread (click here). There is a lot of useful things that may help you release emotions in a safe and secure way.

As for your parents,I partially agree with what has been said - the middle child is often more likely to be forgotten and I guess it is the way it goes. I don't think it is fair though. Have you tried talking to your parents about this and explaining how you feel, or an older sister? Is there another relative you could speak to?

Or is there a teacher you could talk to at school to explain how you are feeling about everything to? I recommend that, as it can get you the help you deserve and also some support with school.

Show your clothes to your mum or dad, tell them you need some new ones. Have you got any money for yourself that you could buy something with? Just keep strong until you get to move out, I believe you can keep going. Hold on to that day.

Here for you if you need me,
Take care.