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Re: Graduate school! Yikes!!! - March 7th 2010, 09:42 PM

Glasgow is a brilliant city which offers everything you could possibly like! My best friend applied there for vet med this year and we went to look around the University and the city -- really loved it. [

Are you sure that you've understood the course properly? It's not called the Royal Veterinary College, the RVC is in London. There is also (as far as I'm aware) no graduate entry vet programme, so you'd be doing the 5 year undergraduate course. There will be some graduates on the course, but you'd be with mostly 18 year old students who have just left school. I imagine this is the case in Ireland too.

Veterinary Medicine is the most competitive course to get into in the UK (only 7 Universities run the course), and there are a fixed (limited) number of international places. Your grades will have to be higher than the requirement and the general concensus that you need a minimum of 3 months worth of work experience. So good luck!

I don't know much about living in Glasgow as I'm not there. But it should not be too difficult to find a job, it's a big city. I know that for medicine they don't recommend that you have a job past your first year though, it may be the same for vet med, as the workload is really intense and you'll be out on placements.

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