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Re: new 2 TH :). But im bout to end my life soon...:( - March 8th 2010, 06:26 AM

Hi Tamara,

Welcome to TH! I hope you are able to find the support you are looking for here.

Depression is never easy for anyone to overcome, especially on their own. Because depression can be such a battle, many people feel that the only way out is to end their lives. Sadly, there are many people who take this route, and in my opinion it is NEVER the right one to take. Suicide should never be an option for anyone.

Think of all of the times that you have enjoyed in life. The truth is that we so often forget them, and we let ourselves believe that they are nothing compared to the moments that frustrate or hurt ourselves in life. Depression blinds us from the happiness and the moments we have appreciated in life. It robs us of the hope that we hold unto in lives, and it makes us believe that we will never again have a fighting chance.

But don't let depression rob you of your hope, Tamara. Because the one thing I have learned is that hope is always there for us. We just need to fight to open our eyes and see it.

I have a suggestion for you, although it might not be one that you are fond of. Why not approach someone about this depression? The truth is that depression is manageable, but the first step is letting someone know that it is affecting your life. You don't deserve to suffer alone, and by not opening up about this you would only be punishing yourself. Why not view this list of people who can help you when you are suicidal?: You may end up finding it useful.

Depression is such a battle, and it's one that I know all too well. Just try to remember that there is a person deep down inside of you that once to live, that wants to find more happy moments in life. You need to stay alive for that person, because that person is you, Tamara. This person who is about to kill herself, who doesn't see the purpose in life... that's not a person at all. That's depression. And why let depression have it's power over you? Once you develop the will to fight this, nothing can stop you.

I've been in your shoes, so I am here anytime you need to talk. Take care of yourself, and try to keep fighting!

A lonely soul in a land of broken hearts