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Re: Graduate school! Yikes!!! - March 10th 2010, 01:24 AM

First off, hey Rachel!!! It's been a while...I think last time I talked to you on here I was under the name concrete angel....anyway, HI!!!!

Second, thanks for all the good information, both of you. Yes, I had already checked to see that they were AVMA credited because I do want to return to the USA at some point....long way off though.

Rachel, I was confused about the school names. I've got them straight now. I think the school Im most interested in is the one in Glascow with a close second the one in London. I've completed four years of undergraduate study, but will have a BA degree in History come this May. I've taken many biology courses and after the summer will have finished entrence course requierments for all three UK schools as well as ones in the USA. I know that the UK system is a bit different than the US one, but I'm really not worried about being in class with 18 year olds...maybe for once i'll feel smarter than just about everyone in my class...nice turn on the norm! I've got over 4 years of practical experience in a country veterinary practice so I should be good there as well. My grades are fair - good enough to get me in I hope. And I am really well rounded as I did study abroad trips in both Russia and Kenya. I think I should have at least a fighting chance of being accepted to any school I apply to...I know the stakes are really high, so thats why I'm applying lots of places. I was told that no mater how good you look to a vet. med. program, if they have already filled all the slots with other people who look good then I'll be out of luck...

Anyhoo...thanks again both of you for the insight!


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