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Re: Final Fantasy XIII - March 11th 2010, 12:41 AM

I got it, and I'm about 10 hours in. Great game so far. I like it MUCH better than FFXII, which was a poor excuse for a FF game in my opinion. This one has a FFX type of feel to it. If you like that, then I think you'll like this.

This game isn't without faults though. Here are my basic thoughts:

1. Too linear. No towns. No shops. Nada. Literally its like a straight line with battles in between (think FFX). But considering the story, at least it makes sense and its bearable. You'll see once you play. Plus, the battle system makes up for the linearity. It's alot of fun to experiment and work with. Its scaringly simple in the beginning but it does get complicated later in the game.

2. All the characters are great and memorable, with good voice acting for once. Vanille may get on some people's nerves though. But sadly, we get alot of girls like that around this area so I'm used to that [horrible] voice and the perky personality.

It's not the best FF, but its good, fun, and entertaining. I recommend it