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Phobia of moths, bees, spiders and other insects - March 20th 2010, 10:16 PM

I love the summer but I hatehatehate insects I hate moths the worst and during the summer I get about one in my room once a week It's really annoying because my bedroom gets boiling but I can't open the window as they'll fly in ._____.

If I see one I scream. I can't sleep in my bedroom if I know there's one there. My dad normally kills them for me but sometimes he can't see them or he can't kill it. I don't actually like killing them, I don't like killing any animals but they scare me >____< I'm terrifed they'll fly next to my face (sometimes they do )

I know they can't hurt me, but holy mother of crap the look of them scares me Even writing this is making me feel sick. I keep feeling like there's something crawling on me when I know full well there isn't.

My parents just tell me to grow up when I run from them :/

Gah what can I do to stop them from scaring me as much? :/

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