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Re: Family financial problems - March 21st 2010, 02:27 AM

My dad is not doing the best he can. He's still gambling and even asked if he could borrow $300 from me. He either only spent one day looking for a job or he didn't bother looking for a job at all.

My mom is really fucking stressed. I asked her for advice and she got grumpy. When I told her she was grumpy, she fucking screamed at me. She told me I was bringing her down and didn't wanna deal with it right now. I understand what she means, but she didn't have to fucking scream at me. I mean, when she came home from grocery shopping, she was all nice and told me not to worry. Why the fuck did she turn like this all a sudden.

I fucking hate myself and I fucking hate her when she is like that. Fuck my dad and fuck all this for happening! Fuck life! I don't wanna come home tomorrow after work or maybe I don't even wanna go to work at all! I probably won't feel good at work anyway adding to all the bullshit that goes downs there anyway! Instead, I just feel like taking the bus to the high level bridge and jumping off! I probably won't, but I'm just saying.

Please just kill me...