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i havent been here in a while... - March 21st 2010, 08:03 AM

i havent been here in a whle. i don't just mean to this site... i mean this place... this place where all of my emotions keep tumbling down and cruching what little happiness i had left... a little over a year ago i was XXX... now im close to the XXX mark I have ugly ass stretch marks that make my body look like a tiger...they are all maroonish and huge... my boyfriend wants to watch some "new ideas" but i feel utterly repulsed by it... a little over a year ago is when i moved out of my home and saw my mom for the last time... and i dont remember the last time she said she loved me... i dropped three classes in college cause i tried to take on too much... no one will hire me... i try every where my social is accepted... fast food wont hire me cause some one already applied under my social.... i know ive had worse.... i know ppl have it worse... i know i can handle it but i dont want to do it by myself..... im just tired of all the little things...

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