Thread: Triggering (Suicide): and it's over.
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Re: and it's over. - March 28th 2010, 10:46 PM

well my friend practically made me talk to the pastor today after church, so my friend sat there and started crying and was like "she wants to kill herself," and i was freaking out but right when he said that one of the other pastors walked past (i used to talk to him,) and just kind of looked at us and i was thinking "omg please let him not have heard that," so anyway the pastor that my friend wanted me to talk was like "hey, come in to my office," and we go in there and he looks at me and was like "so is it true that you want to hurt yourself that bad..." and i was like "well, it's not that i want to die but i just want it to stop" and he was like "okay, okay, let's start somewhere else, do you believe that nobody cares and loves you," and i was like "yes," and he went into something then the pastor that i used to comes in and was like "hey, i don't mean to interuptt, but did is she talking about killing herself again," and i turned around and was like "no, it's not that" and he was like "look, this has been going on for two years sweetie, we have to get this to stop," and then he said something to the pastor and he walked out.... so that was basically the end of the meeting because the pastor had some meeting to go and he was like "put your name and phone number down and i'll call you, okay" so far he hasn't and i'm thinking he won't.... but part of me wants one of them to do something because i don't know what to do.... right now i just want to say screw it and kill myself.