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Re: Situations... - April 1st 2010, 03:17 PM

I know it's tough when you're 14 and in love. There are no more intense emotions anywhere.

The truth is, you still love each other and you probably will have a close friendship for a long time. Whether you will be lovers for part of that time, time will tell. Let this not be such an urgent thing and it'll be easier to deal with. Yes, she'll break up with her bf eventually and you'll be there for her in her pain, but whether you'll be lovers then is another matter. What matters is that you two care about each other.

I never advocate coming out to friends and family until you're in a position, emotionally and financially, to deal with the negative reactions that you're likely to get. Your sex life is your business and your parents don't have to know anything about it, and probably don't want to.

What just happened?