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So weird - April 6th 2010, 09:08 PM

I'm sort of fat, not obese but definitley fat. I sweat a lot. It seems much worse than other fat people, I can't wear a white shirt. There was even a time in my life where I was a lot more in shape then I am now, still fat but I was just more actice, and even during that time I sweated like crazy. It doesn't help that I'm always horribly congested or my nose is running constantly. Fluids are just coming from everywhere.

I can't find a shirt that I feel comfortable in. Not physically, but mentally. Baggy shirts, tight shirts, something in the middle, it doesn't matter. I think it's because of the weird shape of my fat, because somehow even though other fat people might not look good they still manage to look normal.

I have acne. It's not as bad as it used to be now that I have accutane, but my face just still looks weird in some way I can't describe. Everything about it... Even my hair. I don't know why my hair would look weird, this haircut looks normal on anyone else, but not on me. My facial features just seem weird. I think my eyebrows are too thick, but I don't want to cut them because I doubt I'll do a good job and I'll look even weirder.

Whenever I talk it's awkward. I don't control the volume of my voice well at all. If I'm enthusiastic about something I talk really loud without even realizing it until I embarass myself. If I don't talk too loud, I talk too low. People keep asking me "What? Speak up." and I don't have the best hearing so I always have to ask other people to repeat themselves. It couldn't be weirder to have a conversation with me.

What is wrong with me?

I feel depressed a lot anyway but over the last few months I've been noticing just how weird I am. I can't believe I've even been walking around like this. I don't even want to go outside, ever.