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Re: So weird - April 6th 2010, 09:49 PM

Since you don't list your gender, from this post, I'll assume you're female. Sorry if I'm wrong. So, I'll answer this as if it's a girl chat.

Well, as far as the weight issue, perhaps you could get a friend to go shopping with you? One of those brutally honest friends, who will tell you if they hate the look of something.

"Heavier" people usually look best in like, something thats flowy, but feminine. For example, those shirts that fit around the chest, then have the ribbon, and flow at the bottom... You know what I mean? http://thetrendsetter.files.wordpres...elmagazine.jpg thats the best example I can find.

If you find your figure is weird, and you're not comfortable, maybe get a corset? Corsets can flatter pretty much any figure, they look good as a top, with other shirts, or can even go under other shirts.

And of course, if you're really uncomfortable with yourself, maybe do things to make yourself more confident. Like, for example, make it a goal to work out at least twice a week, or go on more walks, eat healthier, etc? Perhaps if you're living healthier, you'll feel better in body and mind.

As far as your issue with your face, go to a professional and get your eyebrows waxed. Seriously, they will help mold your brows to the best shape for your face. Same with a hairdresser and a new style. In fact, if you can afford to, treat yourself to a nice day. Get your hair done nice, coloured (if you choose to), eyebrows done, and maybe even have them do your make-up nice if they will. Then go shopping for some nice clothes, and if you look nice going through the mall, get some new stuff, you may feel a bit refreshed.

If you feel you sweat too much, try a Clinical Strength deodorant. I knew a girl who was actually skinny, but she'd sweat ALOT. She didn't stink or anything, but she just had alot of excess sweat. She switched to Clinical Strength deodorant, and things got much better for her.

And if your hearing is that bad that you have problems determining things like your volume and hearing others, perhaps scheduling a doctor's appointment may help. You may have something as simple as a build-up in the ears, either of wax or a fluid build-up. Either way, it'll only get worse, so the sooner you find out, the sooner you can get that resolved.

Sorry if any of this came off as offensive, I'm just thinking that doing various things to boost your self-esteem and make the most of what you have may help your overall confidence and mood.

Take care.