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Re: what do i do?!?!? - April 6th 2010, 10:02 PM

nahhh. if you love your bf, youre probably straight. if you cant think aobut anything but girls, then you just need to stop repressing it (cause thats how psychology works, the more you tell yourself you cant do it, the more youll wanna do it) and make out with a couple girls. youre probably straihgt and are just having a bicurious moment. but if you really dont feel you can stay faithful to your bf, then you guys really shouldnt be in a relationship.

and dont worry aobu thte stuff aobut being a dissapointment. if htey love you, they wont give a fuck (trust me, when i came out, all thep eople who loved me began to accept me. some (even family), didnt, adn i realized that our whole relationship was completely superficial and lost touch). you are who you are, you cant really do anything about it (unless youw anna pretend yorue someone else, but thats jsut stupid).