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Re: I don't know what I'm supposed to do! - April 9th 2010, 07:59 PM

*hugs* I'm sorry that you're so stressed out right now. =( If you ever want to talk, you're more than welcomed to PM me.

It kind of sounds like your mom is so clingy and overprotective of you, because your dad hasn't always "been there" for the family. Sure, he's taking care of your financial needs, by doing whatever it takes to get the best possible job... but at what cost? I'm not saying that your dad is a bad husband and father to your family... but something is definitely lost, when a child can't physically be with both of their parents, and when a mother has to take on all the burdens of disciplining and caring for her children.

Divorces aren't to be taken lightly, so I doubt your mom will break things off with your dad JUST BECAUSE you're not happy about having to move again. In the event that something does happen, PLEASE don't blame yourself. Children are never responsible for their parents' marital problems (although they often believe that they are).

What timeframe are we looking at, if you were to stay down here, separated from your family? A few months, so that you could finish the current school year? Or longer, if you aren't graduating until next year? Also, when do you become a legal adult in Canada? 18, or 19? If you're only going to be with your friend for a few months, or if you're going to become a legal adult soon, then I don't think it's a bad idea to maintain as much stability as you can, and to stay where you are now. If you're looking at another 1-2 years, though, it would probably be best to continue living with your mom and other family members, even if it means changing schools and starting over by making new friends.