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Re: Gah. - April 17th 2010, 04:49 PM

I suffer from chronic headaches, though they are are only migranes occassionally but i feel your pain as these are the worst out there, and i often find that throwing up makes me feel better. It's really unfortunate that you are in a situation where you have to not only battle with these headaches but also with your ED issues.

I'm sure that if you talked to a medical professional; they would be able to help you in a way that we cannot really do here. You need to find a beneficial solution to this and it can only be done via medical help and counselling.

There are medications available for headaches but a lot of the time they cease to work after a while causing us to take more as we build up resilience to it, therefore a lot of the time this can make headaches worse. I advise against relying on medication. I know it can be tough but fight the urge to take painkillers, only take them once in a while when your headaches are extremely crippling.

Aside from medication there are numerous therapies to consider, as if your headaches are stress related - you may want to try CBT to eliminate such stress, and therefore eliminating your headaches. So again, i advise you find some form of counselling for yourself.

Physiotherapy may help, although in my case it did not. But it's something you may also wish to consider as muscle tension can cause tension headaches.

Take care.

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