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Question he didn't even TRY to please me... - April 24th 2010, 05:20 AM

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we're on the couch watching a basketball game. he starts kissing my ear and rubbing me, you know. getting into all that stuff. i can immediately feel his erection that he's thrusting into my back. i can tell, he wants sex.

well not actual sex sex because we're both virgins. but we've done basically everything but penetration.

so we start making out, he unclasps my bra and i undo his shirt buttons. same ol' same ol'. and we're getting pretty into it, when he takes my hand down into his pants. now, i have no problem giving him a hand job or even oral sex, but i like to do it on my own terms you know? i was hardly even aroused when he wants me to get him off. and i play around with him for a little while and then guide my hand back up, but he thrusts it down again.

but he hasn't even tried to please me.

i keep trying to kind of guide him my direction, if you know what i mean, but he was just so focused on me pleasing him.

and i've given him hand jobs and blow jobs, etc. without him returning the flavor. heck, i even swallow.

but it hurt that he didn't even try to please me. i wasn't even aroused at all!

what's going on? usually he is amazing and caring, but he was extremely selfish in bed tonight. now, i don't mind if he has a lot of stress and needs me to relieve him, but you think he would at least thank me? or try to return the favor or something?

so what should i do?

also, if you have any stories about your boyfriend/girlfriend not bringing you to orgasm, please share. this is kinda hard for me to deal with because it's one of those things that isn't fair, but he could do something to make it fair....because this has happened a couple times before too. and he never just makes me orgasm, he expects me to return the favor...