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Re: he didn't even TRY to please me... - April 25th 2010, 05:12 AM

lol i dont really need to say anything. my man really wants to please me. id say try to talk to your bf about it. let him know that youre feeling a little neglected in bed. if he cares about you he should care about your pleasure as well as his own. it can't be all about him all the time. maybe ask him why he does that. he might not even realize that he's doing it. ive had bf's before that were selfish in bed but the relationships didnt last long or go very far sexually so i dont have any good stories. im lucky that matt is so amazing to me and i dont need to tell him that i need attention. i actually feel bad sometimes because he'll spend ages going down on me and he likes to do it but i cant go down on him for that long. i get tired