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Re: Tendon? - January 30th 2009, 02:58 AM

Hey Jess,
First things first, I love All Time Low...

OK, Lets get started...
Tendons are basically what keeps your skeletal muscles together.
They are those white tips to the muscles on anatomy posters.(There's a link at the end with a pic)
You would have had to cut very near muscles to hit one of these,
and you would have needed to cut very deeply,
possibly severing veins and arteries kind of deep.
If you even touched the tendon with your blade,
you need to go to a doctor ASAP.
Firstly, that's pretty deep in your arm.
Secondly, Tendons are prone to infection.
Thirdly, Tendons keep your muscles together, and no one wants loose muscles flopping about in there arm.
And Lastly, If you cut that deep, you might need some medical care for it.

P.S.--You might mean a ligament or something else, not very likely to hit a tendon unless cutting extremely deeply.
Hope I helped!

P.S.S.--Here is the link I was talking about--
The ligaments are like the white stuff all over the muscles, on the right half of the body.

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