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Over 2 years ago - April 28th 2010, 08:20 PM

It's been just over two years since my friend passed away. It was a real shock at the time, but I thought that I had gotten over it, but recent events have brought all the bad feelings back.

We both used to go and watch the football (soccer) team we supported. 2 years ago, we went and saw our team play our local rivals. We won, and obviously I was absolutely delighted. There was the usual banter between the sets of fans during the match. The match ended, and normally I would go round to his house and we would celebrate or drown our sorrows. However, I'd promised I'd go shopping with my gf, so this time I didn't. I wa so happy about the result, and then came the news which made it all so irrelevant. There was violence and rioting in various areas around the city between the two sets of fans, and my friend was attacked by opposing fans for no other reason tha he was wearing the shirt of the team he supported. He sustained head injury, and later passed away. Why the f**k did rioting have to take place. No matter how much it means to people, football should NEVER be a matter of life and death.

2 years on and we played the same team again. I always knew that just because it was the same game, it was going to bring back bad memories, just like for a while I didn't go to another football match. Throughout the game, the opposition fans were chanting the name of the person who murdered my friend, and unfurled a banner claiming he should be released from jail (which was quickly confiscated by the police.) I was so angry, I can't explain how much I wanted to hurt everyone connected with that banner and those chants. But I couldn't do anything about it, and I still can't arrghhh. I could scream, I can't do anything and stoop to their level, but I'm so f**king angry, and upset...

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