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Exclamation iratating person - May 3rd 2010, 01:08 AM

having issues with my sisters boyfriend!
he has family issues finacially and maybe emotionally, but he's not a bad spirit, but he has started to get on my nerves. my sister his girlfriend drives him places for basketball and lunch during school and gets him alot of shit that he wants and buys things for his family like food and house hold items, our family just gave his family our old 32 inch tv and fulton because the house that they rented just burnt down dont get me wqrong i feel bad about it. they found a new house near ours and my sister is over there mostly everyday and not around the house alot. he comes and sleeps ova our house during school days and is so rude to her, so i decided not to talk to him i havent talked to him in about 2 weeks striaght but he still comes around the house, not alot like how he use to, but now he brings his family clothes over to our house to wash and use our washing machine, casue they dont have one, i get mad because my mother is not on full time job but now a part time job and he still comes here and acts like it a fricken hotel fuck that man. serious i wanna fucken tell him to fucken STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM OUR HOUSE ALREADY but sister older than me would get mad....