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Help I think i got severly dehydrated - May 23rd 2010, 11:33 PM

Okay so i was at a school dance and it was really hot after about an hour and a half i felt a little dizzy so i went and got a drink and rested then when back inside. After about 3o minutes i started to not be able to walk so my friends got a teacher and he made me sit down. He ran and got me a glass of water, but made another adult sit next to me, while he got water, the adult kept asking me questions i'm pretty sure just to keep me awake cause i felt like i was gonna collapse. Then later on my teacher kept on coming to check on me and he kept asking how i felt i could hear him and could think what i was going to say, but i couldn't say it, and i couldn't speak fluently and couldn't move my body normaliy. I knew where i was but yet i didn't it was really scary, and if i hadn't known my teacher i'm pretty sure i would of had a panic attack. I looked up dehydration and it says when your severly dehydrated you get confused but that can only be treated by going to the hospital, but mine was treated by just staying still and drinking water was i just beganing to get severly dehydrated or what. Also before y friends tld the teacher i was sweating alot but likke right before they told the teacher i wasn't like sweating at all. It was really scary.
Any information or experience would help