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Idk what to do i just want it to stop - May 24th 2010, 11:17 PM

For all those about to read its me blowin off steam and askin for help. And im using Bryans account again im 17 so i cant move out.

Today i blew up at my sister i called her for help and i ended up getting embarised in public and it pushed me over the edge i blew up i couldnt concentrate and i was pissed called my sister back told her i got it said i loved her and hung up i didnt let her speak. My mom and her boyfriend keep ganging up on me about EVERYTHING!!!! and i just lost it when it came to them me getting embarised and what has already been building up. I called my sister to apologise she didnt answer. And my brothern law said i should call my sister because she was crying because of me. So i sent her an email tellin her everything that was happinin and apologised to her in the email. Is that good enough? i feel like a complete asshole and i know im a bad brother

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