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Re: LASTING LONGER - June 10th 2010, 11:46 PM

In addition to what was said above, there are a few other tricks for lasting longer. First off, trying to focus your mind on something else other than the "edge" of orgasm can sometimes help you last longer, but that takes a lot of mental discipline and control and isn't always doable for many guys. Some also feel that is distracts from the enjoyability of sex, and would rather not rely on mental methods to do suppress coming, but it's an option.

Another is to change positions frequently. Changing positions frequently requires the body to readjust to the new level of sensation/friction/way things are moving together, and can take away from the edge.

Providing your partner does not mind, you can also slow down the pace or stop sexual intercourse and move to a pleasurable but less intense activity, like using hands or mouths on various areas each others bodies. Some girls do not like to stop or change pace though, so if you choose that option be sure she is okay with it prior to beginning intercourse.

Last but not least, you can last longer by applying pressure to a the base of the penis a certain way. At the base of the shaft, just a bit above the balls, you can stave off coming if you or your partner wraps the thumb and forefinger around the shaft in the ring and apply pressure for a few seconds. You can also take a condom, which is made of latex and resembles elasticity, and wrap it around the base of the penis to make yourself last longer, or you can invest in a cock ring.

All of these are potential ways to last longer. Good luck, and I hope it helps.

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