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Re: QUIZZZ - June 16th 2010, 06:00 PM

Name: Katelyn
Year In School: Going into 11th grade.
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Green.
Favorite music genre: Country, with rock as a close second.
Gum: Wrigley's spearmint.
Place to be: Anywhere that makes me happy.
Sport: Baseball
TV: Friends.
Movie: The Lion Kingg
City: Chicago
Thing to do: Listen to music.
Female artist: I don't like female singers much.
Male artist: Jason Aldean
Group: Rascal Flatts
Song: Faithfully by Journey
Music Video: Don't have a favorite
Type of weather: Sunny, but with a nice breeze. Around 70 degrees.
Emotion: Happy-go-lucky.
Girl's Name: Emma
Guy's Name: Noah, or Michael
Thing to do on a Friday night: Read a book.
Scent: Old Spice...
Store: Old Navy
Food: Steak
Old School Artist: I could name about 50.
Color: Green.
Class (If ur still in school): US History.
Sound: Music
Cartoon: Don't have a favorite.
Drink: Pepsi.
Role model: Don't have one.
Car: Jeep wrangler
Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse, or Cracker Barrel.
Fast food place: Taco Bell
Do you listen to before a night out? Whatever comes up on my iPod.
Do you listen to before you sleep/relax? Love songs
Are your goals for this year?
Is your GPA? Right now, probably a 3.6
Do you spend most of your time doing? I don't know.
Scares you? Death
Reality show would you most like to be on? None.
Are you most likely to be caught doing? Eating.
Is your most embarrassing moment? Don't know.
Do you want to be when you grow up? Nurse.
Is a major turn-off for you? Bad breath
Makes you the happiest? A person or two.
Do you/Have you::
Smoke: Nope
Do drugs: Never
Drink alcohol: Yes
Have a significant other: I have, yes.
Suffered from depression: Nope.
Like the rain: Depends what time of day.
Had sushi: Nope.
Had sex: Not completely.
Had a threesome: No
Have a crush on anyone: Nope.
More about you::
Do you label people: Sometimes, but not usually.
Do you have a best friend: Yes.
A group of close friends: Nope.
Have you been to a concert: A couple
Some hot celebrities: Can't think of any atm.
Ever been on a cruise: Yess
On a plane: Many times.
Do you sing: Yes
How do you want to die: Painlessly?
Best vacation: Disney, as far as I'm concerned.
Do you have any siblings: Yes.
How many: One sister.
Do you get along with your parents: Yess
Are you a health freak: No.
How tall are you: 5'2
Are you a perfectionist: A little.
Wat are your weaknesses: I don't know.
Do you like to laugh: Yes.
How about at yourself:`Yep.
Can you speak a different language: Nope.
Have you been immersed in a different culture: No.
Are you always on the move: Nope.
Are you competitive: Nope.
Are you insecure: To an extent.
What do you do to people who talk behind your back: Nothing.
What is the best advice you've ever been given: Hmm.. not sure.
What are you most proud of in your life: Nothing, I guess.
Do you have any regrets: Yeah, who doesn't.
What you like in the opposite sex::
Hair color: Brown
Style: Preppy-ish
Personality: Nice, funny, sweet, open-minded, not cocky.
Body type: Fit.
Eye colour: Doesn't matter.

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