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Re: the welfare system - June 22nd 2010, 03:41 AM

So, I might be a little late on this note (I'm not awake 24/7 after all), but please do not attack each other. Just a reminder guys, but making reference to someone's size or whatever can be considered a personal attack, which can get you infracted, and can get this thread locked.So, please please please, let's act like civilized young adults here. Thank you greatly.

Now, Amanda. I didn't mean to be offensive. Not at all. Some of us don't get those opportunities. You seem to be saying, my take on it anyway and I could be wrong, that everyone has the same chances, the same options, and some of us just don't take them. Which, is not true at all. Everyone wants to better themselves, but not all of us can. For one, the job market is tight, it's hard to get a job, especially if you don't have a college education. Not everyone can be doctors and lawyers. Some of us have to do the shit jobs. We have to be the trash guys, or work the gas stations, or run the fast food places. Waitresses make 2.13 an hour here, because that's living wage. My sister is a waitress, she makes about 15 dollars in tips a night (Japanese restaurant). That's not living wage. She can't live off of an $80 USD check every two weeks, and maybe 100 or so in tips, total. Not many can. Sure, some waitresses make more, but that's not my point. Someone has to be a waitress, and many waitresses have two or three jobs, and some still can't get by. So, we shouldn't help them out a little? With maybe, food stamps or other aid?

I get what you are saying about welfare, I do. But hear what I'm saying. Yes it sucks, it's not fair, and it gets taken advantage of. But it also helps some families get back on their feet so that they can take care of themselves. This world is not perfect, and many of us need a little bit of help. If I didn't get government scholarships, I wouldn't be going to college. As it is, I have to consider, often, dropping out of school to take care of my family. My dream is to become a family lawyer. But, I don't know if that will happen, because my family needs my income now, and law school won't let you work. So I'm stuck making a hard choice. Without government help, school wouldn't be possible for me or family. We need that help, otherwise we can't 'better' ourselves.

A few last things. The money that is 'taken' from you is taxes. Without taxes nothing would run right. Taxes pays for the firemen to put out your house, otherwise you'd have to pay for them to put out the fire, and that's pricey. Taxes pays for the public schools. And my parents had to pay for public schools even though we were home-schooled, but they didn't complain, much, because it was helping someone elses kid go to school. Taxes pays for everything. Welfare does not come directly out of your pocket, it comes from taxes. And it's there for anyone who needs it.

Having someone to go through every purchase a family makes is time consuming Emily. And it would take a long time to get through just one family's purchases. It's really a waste of time and money to pay someone to do that. Also, are you really against families spending welfare on other things besides food, clothes, and bills? Like giving their kids something for Christmas, or giving them a birthday presents, because otherwise a lot of children wouldn't get anyone.

And lastly, Amanda. Jobs. (Off-topicish but helpful?) At fifteen, most ice cream places will hire you. As will newspaper routes, babysitting, life guarding, summer camps, etc. Things that aren't dangerous or might cause bodily harm. But you can only work like, eight hours a week at most places.

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