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Re: the welfare system - June 23rd 2010, 09:11 PM

Originally Posted by Noctis View Post


Anyways, while there are numerous ways to improve the welfare system, none of them are put into practice because it would lead to increased spending.

The thing is, they don't seem to realize that I would much rather have my money utilized in providing more jobs for welfare employees rather than spoon-feeding useless human trash.

But then, there's the ever impressive government spending of your tax dollars.

The root of the problem is that assuming that each welfare abuser has 3 or more kids, the growth is exponential. The kids will see what mommy and daddy did and will do the same(monkey see, monkey do). I hate to blame children for the crimes of the parents(for that is a religious fanatic "thing"), the fact of the matter is, bad parenting will lead to bad people.

I think the quickest and simplest solution is to give everyone a birth control shot every month or else their EBT cards don't get reloaded or they don't get their welfare checks.

Some might call it inhumane, I say "be glad I'm not cutting your balls off".
And what happens if the birth control fails? Trust me I know at LEAST two women that has happened to.