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are my parents rushing me? - July 2nd 2010, 06:07 AM

i went over to my friends house and he told me that he over heard his mother talking to my mother. my mother is starting to think that i am gay. i am not. i have had a "crush" on this girl for about 3 years. at the end of the second year, she liked me back but i didnt do anything about it and i lost. my dad, is trying to get me to go to these lake concerts so i can meet some girls. i did go to this pary and i was talking to this one girl but it didnt go as much as my parents would hope. i dont text/ i.m. people becuase im not online enough to im. im also not a big texter. do you think my parents are asking too much of me? maybe rushing me? i also am not too comfortable telling my parents that i liked her becuase my mom askes way to many questions and my dad is always on my back and it might get awkward with him.