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Re: human justice - July 6th 2010, 01:10 PM

Originally Posted by I love dogs View Post
No, I am saying to you think it works? Do you believe it is possible to have justice with human judges?
Absolutely it is. If you mean "Is it possible to have a perfect justice system, where every criminal is caught and given a punishment proportional to their actions and absolutely no mistakes are ever made?" then no, of course it's not. Like everything else, justice is relative. Since 100% of people will never entirely agree, there can be no perfect justice system. That's one of the reasons that the idea of a divine judge is so appealing; it removes all the ambiguity present in reality.

Originally Posted by I love dogs
I personally do not believe in human "justice" because people are either judged wrongly and convicted or the other way around. Since human are not perfect human justice will ALWAYS fall short.
Do you believe then that we should have no justice system at all? Humanity will always have room to improve in everything we do; our imperfections define our existence. That doesn't mean that nothing is worth the effort, it means that it's worth the effort to improve ourselves.

The atoms that make up you and me were born in the hearts of suns many times greater than ours, and in time our atoms will once again reside amongst the stars. Life is but an idle dalliance of the cosmos, frail, and soon forgotten. We have been set adrift in an ocean whose tides we are only beginning to comprehend and with that maturity has come the realization that we are, at least for now, alone. In that loneliness, it falls to us to shine as brightly as the stars from which we came.
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