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Re: Dell, A Good Laptop? - July 6th 2010, 06:12 PM

Originally Posted by Algernon View Post
I'd probably have like five games on the laptop.... Older ones. Sims 3. I currently have 8,000 songs or so. How much would I be able to hold? Why is this one faster?
  • The Dell's processor is clocked faster, but is based on the "old" Core2Duo architecture. The Acer's processor is based on the newer i5 architecture.
  • The latter has an L3 cache, the former doesn't.
  • DDR3 RAM. Never mind that it "only" has 3GB, that's basically all you need for current games.
  • Graphics-wise they're both pretty dire, but laptop graphics cards are expensive so that's where corners are usually cut...
Is 250GB enough? At the moment I have 7 games, 200 photos, 550 songs and a few dozen odd programs sitting alongside Win7 and that takes up less than a hundred GB. Modern games take up maybe around 10GB, so you'll be fine.
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