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Re: Is this disrespecting her? - July 7th 2010, 03:05 AM

She may feel threatened by your boyfriend. There are things he's giving you that she either can't or won't give you. If she believes that you might move out as a result of his ability to "provide" for you, then she would have to do everything on her own... and that's a terrifying situation for someone who's very ill.

You could try reassuring her that you don't intend to abandon her. You could explain that his generosity is out of love for you, not out of the desire to "steal" you away from your mother. Unfortunately, it sounds like your mom wouldn't buy into that explanation... some people are just overly paranoid and have the desire to control their children, even into adulthood. I sincerely hope you can get through to her, though... I would love to be proved wrong in this situation!

Good luck!