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Re: Friend taking the mick out of my depression. - July 16th 2010, 12:47 AM

Lauren is not your friend if she does that, she's a bitch and isn't worthy of your friendship. That's not fair of her to go to people and say things about you, this proves she can't be trusted, so don't even talk to her or say anything to her anymore so she has nothing to blabber to her friends.
As strange as this sounds, it may be a good thing to be distant right now from your friends. You need to do this yourself, get better yourself, and you don't need anymore knowing about your problems or interfering.
Have you tried talking to your parents about getting you a Councillor? You should try and open up to an adult or family member you trust and try seeking some professional help, it'd really do alot for you in the long run if you give it a chance.