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Unhappy family problems.... - July 18th 2010, 05:22 AM


my house really is not an ideal place for me to be in. my mom abuses me and my dad does too. i dont know what to do, we've talked to the cps twice. they didnt do anything. my mom and dad fight a ton, and its my fault cause if i do something then i get my dad gets in trouble. and im not perface and yeah. my mom and dad fight as i said, and my mom said shes gonna leave. my mom and dad are aready leading very seperate lives. the problem is, my mom wont want me with her and i dont know about my dad. my mom didnt even tell my dad that she got a job at the school. my dad is saying that he wants to kick her out and that he wants to take her that even allowed? im scared...i love my parents even though they hurt me. and i love my sisters i dont want to hurt them. same goes for my brother. i dont know what to do. im scared.and i feel more alone than ever. and any advice? (ps this all happened in 2 DAYS) see. i cant handle it anymore its getting to be too much.
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