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Re: depression - July 25th 2010, 06:29 AM

Originally Posted by Angeal View Post
I know how it is to cry your eyes out alone. I never had a mother, and my step-mom person isn't really one, she yells alot and I hate it. I've never dropped out of school, and don't want to. I can see where your coming from though, I have friends who are there for me, and I'm not a real people person. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you should go back to school, it would be pointless, and really if you were getting teased and bullied to the point that you dropped out I don't blame you, I have thought about it before, but I knew that my dad would never have it. I think that what you really need to do is look inside yourself. Sometimes when we get depressed we lose the real us. The real meaning of ourselves and we focus on the wrong that lifes thrown at us. Maybe, God is using this and the way your lifes been going is so you can help other people, because you know how it is. Just remeber there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how far away it might be, and sometimes we do have to travel a very long, rocky road before we find it. In the end we will reach it.

PM anytime you think you might want to talk. I'll be more than happy to help.
this isnt about loosing the real not fake..and at times i am but i catch myself before people start hating me for it,im not foucing on the wrong i need get my life toghter im 18 at this point in time people have there life well put toghter,i dont know any 18 whos so unsure like me..people dont even belive im 18 cuz im mentally probably a child.even thought i want to grow up it seems like i never do.

i do not no longer want to travel to that tunnal..things will not get better iwiating for things to happen.
and this thread got over 200 views yet only 3 people responded..shows how selfish all of you are...and im sick of al you keep saying same things that i already learned on my own and thinknig its actually something i dont know.