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Making a Menu: Recipe Ideas? - August 4th 2010, 04:18 PM

My family is trying to plan a menu so we stop eating out all the time. We know that sometimes we'll be so tired that we'll say skip the menu and just get take-out, but we all think if we have a schedule to stick to it'll be better.

So I'm looking for things to put on a menu...which doesn't sound hard, but take into account our allergies:

Mine: eggs, pasta, chicken, coconut oil, milk
Mom's: eggs, pork, dairy, carrots, all nuts, shellfish, chili peppers, dill, cinnamon
Dad's: eggs, brazil (does anyone even know what that is?), almonds, beef

We all have other food allergies too, they just don't bother us except on bad days. Anyway, as you can see, planning recipes at my house is fairly difficult.

We have down: salads, and hamburger casserole (using bison meat). Can anyone think of anything else that will get around all our allergies? Thanks There are only so many recipes we can take and pretty much destroy in order to use...

{{sending PINTEREST invites! just ask!}}

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