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I Think My Friends Are Better Off..... - August 4th 2010, 07:12 PM

Without me. They seem to have more fun when I'm not around them. Sometimes it's hard to be happy around them. Sometimes I don't know what to say around them and it's just this empty space between us. I have a large group of friends and we are kind of divided up into smaller groups. It's like a group within a group. Anyways, within this group I have (had?) two really good friends that would talk to me all of the time. Towards the beginning of my Sophomore year, I started to go into a really deep depression. I thought about suicide a lot, I thought that my friends were better off without me, I hated everything and everybody. I talked to the school counselor about it and, with my approval, she called my dad and told him that maybe it was a good idea for me to see a psychologist. And, I mean, it helps because I can talk to her about a lot of the things that I don't talk to my parents or my friends about, but at the same time, I can't help but think that maybe my friends are better off without me. I drag everybody down. I don't want to be the kill joy in the group. I don't want to dump all of my problems on them because I'm not the only one with problems. I'll be a junior this year and the school that I go to is awful. I can't wait to leave. I just want to be able to survive my junior and senior years as peacefully as possible. But I'm not sure how to do that with all of these worthless feelings that I'm having. Any advice would be appreciated.

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