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Mom trouble - February 10th 2009, 12:30 AM

Well the last 7 months have been pretty shitty but what ever. Anyways i have been getting A's all my life(well most of it) any ways last semester i got one F one D and the rest C's. it brought my weighted GPA down it 3.5..... and my unweighted to 3.2.... (i am in AP/IB junior). anyways my mom is freaking out now. I currently have the exact same grades(in diffrent classes though and these grades are not updated, i should have 2B's and all C's. Anyways my mom keeps telling me that i would Barely get into community college and she is asking me for a "Plan". Well at first i told her i would drop IB and switch into Ap(a few of my teachers agreed to let me switch saying i have potential.) and drop an a hard class, but she says she wants something more solid. WTF does that mean? she was yelling at the top of her voice and cursed a little. She told me to come up with a plan that is not an "escape plan" whatever that means. IDK what to say or do. I know I am getting much better this terma dn i will eventually get B's and A's but idk what to tell her. I guess i could try to tell her that if i get a 5 on the ap test my teacher will bring my C upto an A. But she will just tell me i will never get a 5(even though i do descently in my sample essays and multiple choice practive)

Do you think if i raise my grades, i can still get into a decent school? not like ivy or anything but like University of Georgia/USF or anything like that?

So wtf should i tell my mom.