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Exclamation Does he like me or not? CONFUSED!! - February 10th 2009, 11:02 PM

There were so many incidents last week that I am beginning to think this guy likes me, I like him too, but I want to know if he feels the same. What's You Opinion? Read the events below.
Event #1: We were supposed to go get chairs cause there was a school event that night and we only needed eight more, but like 5 people came, I was walking out and the guy I like and I were about to cross each other's paths, we both halted....long pause...and I told him to go ahead.
Event #2 We were playing a team game at school and I got hit in the head bu the ball...he smiles....the another girl gets hit....he just stares.
Event #3 We were coming back inside from the game of number 2, we were all cramming in through one door he and I are next to each other by the door...both paused...long silence..I told him to go ahead.
Event #4 It was time for a break, 15 minute break, I was listening to my iPod and there he was all the way across the room staring at me, I stare at him, we both look away, the bell rings.
Event #5 There were 3 tables in this one class all next to each other, I was sitting at table 2, he was at 3, and our chairs were back to back, when class ended, he could've gotten up and left, but instead got up let me get out, then he left.
Event #6 We were in line to get our art graded by our teacher he was technically not in the line but on the other side, he formed a new line, and the seat was empty for the next person, I stare and wait, he stares and waits, he lets me go ahead.
I really don't want to ask him, cause then I will feel stupid, and I doubt he has a crush on me, but I like him. What should I do? I am sooo confused!