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Re: lonely - February 11th 2009, 04:53 AM

I'm really bad at giving suggestions but i am in the exact state as you except that i'm 19. It's my first year of college and everyone is out there partying and meeting up while i sit in the corner and do nothing. I try to put myself out there, i try to walk in the isle where fraternities and club booths are at but nothing happens because i feel nervous when talking to people. In this one class, i really really like this girl but i've only talked to her once but it wasn't even a real conversation it was just a conversation about our projects and stuff.

And i agree about CONFIDENCE that guy was talking above. Today after class, i realized i was behind the girl i liked while we were walking downstairs. I tried to talk to her but i couldn't. I ruined my chance... again. If only i had the confidence.....i really have low self-esteem and confidence because i'm overweight. heck i even cried in my car while driving home thinking about the chance that i blew lol.

Ooops, i'm supposed to be cheering you up. Well i guess i can only say is you're not alone.. try to put yourself out there like what i'm doing. Try to say hi to people you've talked to before. I am still struggling right now, but it's better to keep on trying. I am in the same boat as you. EXACTLY the same boat. I can't approach people, they have to approach me. This habit or attitude is BAD. Although i still do it 95% of the time.. i still push to have the guts to approach people, especially girls. If you want to keep your mind off girls try to do what you love and i know it's hard to do. When i think of the girl i like in my class, i just play video games or play my guitar.. .and i know it's hard because after doing activities the thoughts come back again. But yea, that's my new goal, to become sociable.

PM me too if you wanna talk.

Why does it have to be like this?

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